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About Us

KZ Enterprises is the brainchild of one Dan (a.k.a. Big D {or by his older brother (Fairy) Jerry “Big D is for Big Dummy”}) Kidwell. The planning started in 2019 after his 3rd divorce when he found himself at 45 working in construction, living in his truck while working construction and worrying about his future and how he could make sure to do something to provide, hopefully one day, something he could leave to his 2 kids, his son Kobe (at the time 4) and his daughter Ziva (2 at the time).

Wait, did it just say his kids were Kobe & Ziva, could that be what the KZ part of KZ Enterprises stand for. I bet a trillion dollHAIRS (haha, dollars) it does.

Anyways, in January 2020 Big D officially created a company he could leave to his kids one day to help provide them a future after he was gone. He learned from all his past failures and decided to turn those failures into success. He started KZ Enterprises and created multiple websites selling high quality products at low prices to customers. Currently (yes, many more are planned), besides its corporate website, KZ Enterprises owns 3 websites selling things such as lingerie & clubwear as well as essential oils & aroma therapy supplies.